What Does a Session Include?

I'm getting some time to blog finally! I've had so many questions recently so I hope that these blogs can help everyone get a good idea on how I run things here.

"What is included in my session?"

This is such a common question! Almost every email that I receive has this question.

My current price is $199 a session. I do not plan to go over this price because I enjoy being able to give photos to families that might not be able to afford a $600+ newborn session. This is not an insult to other photographers who charge this; everyone values their work differently.

My price of $199 includes:

- The session itself (a $200+ value)

- All of my swaddles, wraps, outfits, props, etc.

- 15 to 20 digital images

- Private online gallery

- Print release

- Customer discount at next session

- The images will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

Prints are not included in this price but the private online gallery that you receive makes it possible for you to order professional prints. These would then be sent to your home. If you choose to not do prints through me, you will have the print release that you can use to get your photos printed anywhere you choose.

All of the images will come to you in JPEG and are high quality. I do not export in any other files because JPEG is really all that you need, even with large prints. I also do not provide RAW files or unedited images.


For one, RAW images do not show my work or display it the way that I want it to. Most of my work is behind the scenes when I'm editing your images. Also consider that newborns and babies make really silly expressions at times. I pick out the best of the best and send those to you, I promise that I won't hold out on you! If you want a funny image then just let me know, I will make sure to include it! Sometimes if its really silly I will include it as a bonus. Another reason is that I promise 15-20 photos total, that doesn't mean that I will give 200+ images. My price is estimated to what is fair in this business.

I've heard some photographers say that it's like going to a bakery, ordering a cake and asking the baker to save the excess cake that they cut off or icing that they didn't use. I apologize if that makes me seem like a stickler but I have to draw the line somewhere!

If you have any other questions about this, feel free to ask or check out this great page for more information!

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