Busy, busy, BUSY!!!

Hello everyone!

We are finally having nice weather and most of my babies are deciding to come early. Can you blame them? This time of year is always very busy, although historically August is the busiest month for births. That being said, I ask that you please schedule as far ahead as you possibly can. The second trimester is the best time to get things in order and start your search for a birth/newborn photographer. All of us photographers appreciate it so much if you do this!

I'm going to give a rundown on how I do things because everybody does it a little bit differently.

For scheduling a newborn session, I recommend scheduling during your second trimester. This gives me flexibility and makes it easier for me to plan my life and it give you peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. When you contact me to schedule a session I will then send a contract via email for you to review. After that all we have to do is wait!

Once baby is born I ask that you inform me right away. Many choose to have their SO do this, which is also fine (or any other family members). I recommend bringing baby in within the first 2 weeks of age. The prime time to bring in a newborn baby would be 5-10 days for these reasons:

1. If you're breastfeeding, your milk has most likely come in and you're starting to get the hang of breastfeeding.

2. Baby is still very sleepy and sleeps for longer periods of time.

3. Baby still has that "newborn curl" that makes posing very easy and adorable!

If baby has to be in the NICU or has any health issues, I also work around that. I've had babies come in at 6 weeks old that have been perfect! I've worked with babies with broken bones, dislocations, colic, preemies, twins, bruising, baby acne, rashes. These are all things that I know how to handle and do so with care. You can also let me know what colors, styles or set ups you would like for your photo session. Feel free to get creative! If you're not the creative type then I can take the lead too.

If you do not contact me once baby is born (I ask that you let me know within a week at the latest) there is always a chance that you will miss your session. I do everything that I can do get everybody in but I can only work so much since I am also a full time mother and wife. If I could get everybody in, I would! Bring me all your babies ;)

I hope that this blog has helped you get an idea on how I manage things and I look forward to seeing you all! The support I've gotten has been incredible.

I am currently taking work beginning in June of 2018.

Always feel free to contact me in case there are any cancellations!

Here are just a few of my spring babies!