Here Comes Fall!

The leaves are turning, our children are in school and everything is smelling like pumpkin spice! Wow has summer flown by. It has been so nice to meet an incredible amount of clients, who I appreciate so much for coming to see me. I'm starting to get some babies returning for 3, 6, 9 month and even some 1 year photos! It is so wonderful seeing these little ones growing up.

As summer comes to an end, I will be advertising at a show where I am offering some great specials! I cannot wait to meet more great families and get a chance to chat one on one with future and past clients. As a stay at home mom, I hardly get an adult interaction so being away from my children for most of 3 days is going to be an interesting experience! If you'd like to come, check out From Yours To Mine Consignment on Facebook or at:

Here are a few newborn photos with fall colors/themes:

Have a good fall! I for myself, am off to an apple orchard with my family.