Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

I get this question a lot. Why should you consider hiring a birth photographer? What exactly is birth photography? How to choose between birth photography and hospital photography? These are all things that I will discuss in today's post.

Most people may think that birth photography is getting graphic pictures of the baby crowning, blood and "yucky" things that most people don't want to see. This is not what birth photography is about at all, although I do have people request to get crowning photos, which is fine by me. So what is it about then?

Think back to a day that was very important to you, whether it was prom, graduation, first day in college, any type of reunion, your wedding day, or... a birth! Even just a fun and busy day out with the family. How many small details do you remember from that day? Probably not many. As we all know, days like those fly by and the details mesh into a big blur.

That is exactly why you should consider hiring a birth photographer! Birth photographers are there to capture the details and special moments that fly by. Moments that the parents miss out on because they're otherwise occupied. Like the first time a mother sees her baby and holds him/her in her arms. Dad's first reaction to seeing their precious baby. Or a newborn exam, which is full of so many special moments and memories. All of these memories are important and go by in a flash and that is why it is so nice to have someone there so that you don't have to worry about missing these moments.

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As a mother of two myself, I wish that I had personally had a birth photographer. There are so many things that I missed out on because I was preoccupied with recovery. I didn't get to see any of the newborn exam, I missed out on my husband holding our son for the first time and so many other things. It was a wonderful and beautiful experience but I so wish that I had hired a photographer to capture those moments. Don't get me wrong, I had my sister take some iPhone photos and I'm so glad that I did because those photos are incredibly special to me.

Side note: Notice how much better professional photographs are?

Below: My son's birth

Birth Photography not for you? That's perfectly fine! Another option is to consider is Hospital Photography! Some photographers call it "Firs