Vaccine and Sickness Concerns

As a parent of a new baby, whether it is your first baby or fifth, you are concerned about how other people will handle your baby. As a parent of two little ones, I understand 100%. Let me tell you, the worry doesn't go away either!

As a professional newborn and baby photographer, I make sure that I am personally up to date on all vaccines. I do not work if I am sick and I have a handy washer right by my studio for sudden accidents that are bound to happen. I also wash my hands before every session and keep hand sanitizer around.

After every session I clean and sanitize everything that has been touched. Everything. You never know what little bugs might come around, so I make sure that everything is cleaned, especially if baby feels comfortable enough to poop during the session.

A lot of parents feel really bad if their baby does end up pooping or peeing on my set ups, but I assure you that I am more than use to this. It comes with the job and it makes for a fun experience. I do have to say though, the parent's reactions are priceless and the baby almost always shares a cute and content smile after they have relieved themselves.

Before every session I spend a couple hours scrubbing our floors and making sure everything is perfect. By the way, who decides to put in white tile in Minnesota in both entryways? I spend most of my winter and spring cleaning them. Can't wait to replace it!

So to wrap it all up, we keep things C-L-E-A-N here at swaddleshots and that is something that I pride myself on. If there are any concerns, feel free to ask me. As all of my friends know, I am an open book so do not be afraid to ask. No question is a silly question, especially when it comes to your baby.

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