What should I expect at my newborn photography session?

The big day is here! Well, not the big day, but the next best thing: your precious baby's newborn photo session! You may have a few questions. What should you expect? What should you bring? How long will it take?

What to expect at your newborn photo session

I perform the majority of newborn photo sessions in my in-home studio in Burnsville, MN. I have a number of continuous-lighting soft boxes to provide the perfect lighting, as well as backdrops, flooring, and props. I keep the temperature nice and warm to help babies stay nice and cozy.

When you arrive at the session, I will have several themes ready to go and you will have an opportunity to nurse or feed your baby before we begin. There will also be opportunities for frequent feeding breaks (as well as diaper changes), as this helps keep babies nice and content.

I usually take photos of just the newborn first, in a variety of different poses and with different wraps, props, etc. For some of the poses, I may require your assistance to get the pose just right. Towards the end, I will invite the parents in for some family photos.

How long do newborn photography sessions last?

Generally 2-3 hours, sometimes longer. An amazing baby *may* be done in about an hour, but this is rare. Some babies it may take upwards of 4 hours. It really depends on their mood! They often need frequent breaks for feedings, diaper changes, etc.

What should I bring?

You will obviously want to bring the usual items you take with you when going out and about. I provide numerous wraps, blankets, and props, but if you have something specific in mind, please bring it with you. It could be a special outfit, blanket, or prop. One hockey-loving family brought a MN Wild jersey! It was really cute.

I also recommend bringing the baby in pajamas, zipper or button. Many times newborns will fall asleep in the carseat and if they are dressed in a onesie or anything like that, undressing them can wake them up and make them super cranky. So I recommend jammies because they're warm, they're cozy and they're easy to remove!

Can I bring my other child?

I have no problem including photos of your other children during the session, but please communicate this with me beforehand. Since having multiple children makes things more difficult, I limit the amount to just a few photos with both children (unless otherwise agreed to). Having a second child does tend to make the session take longer as well. But it also makes for adorable photos!

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