Sofia Baby Photos

Photo of Sofia baby girl in baby photography session in Burnsville Minnesota

Little Sofia is too beautiful for words. As many of you know, I have two amazing children and we are perfectly content with having just two. When I was getting my husband's opinion on Sofia's photos I think he had a bit of baby fever, which is rare for him. Very rare. It was pretty funny to see him melt over these pictures.

Sofia's mother is a good friend of mine that I have known for a long time. She had to deal with my in my emotional teenage years, poor thing. I'm so glad that she came back for a baby photography session!

I originally took Sofia's photos in the hospital, as well as newborn photos back in November. It was great seeing the family again and I love watching the babies grow and see their personalities develop.

Baby girl photography session in Burnsville Minnesota

I dragged my husband to a fabric store to help me get ideas for fabrics to use in photos. We had a set time of 30 minutes MAX and two hours later we were finally heading home. I'm really happy with what we got. I think she looks stunning with the tone-on-tone pink; she's just so pretty!

I tried some new lighting techniques to get really soft and even lighting. And I love my new soft boxes! I really feel that lighting can make or break a photo shoot. The soft boxes provide gentle, even lighting without needing to use flash. It also makes things so much easier for these dark Minnesota winters. As a side note, can the sun please return? I really miss summer!

Baby girl photo shoot in Burnsville Minnesota

I love these photos where she's looking away from the camera; she couldn't help but look right at her beautiful momma.

Little Sofia was so calm, which made taking her photos really easy. Baby photography can be quite different than newborn photography, since the babies are usually awake. But you can also get smiles more easily, and see their beautiful eyes.