Birth Photography

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What You Get

  • Private consultation with photographer pre-birth

  • Minimum of 60 professionally edited photos

  • Color and black and white images

  • Digital copies and print release

  • On call service from 38 weeks until birth

  • 1-2 hours post birth images

  • 50 miles travel included

Birth Photography Pricing

Starts at just $900! 

  • $500 deposit required to confirm

  • Session price includes 15 hours of labor

  • Extended labor will be additional charge of $20/hour

  • Birth session caps at $1,200

  • Videography optional*

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Why Birth Photography?

I get this question a lot. Why should you consider hiring a birth photographer? What exactly is birth photography?

Birth photographers are there to capture the details and special moments that fly by. Moments that the parents miss out on because they're otherwise occupied. Like the first time a mother sees her baby and holds him or her in her arms. Dad's first reaction to seeing their new, precious baby and showing him to proud grandparents. Or a newborn exam, which is full of so many special memories. All of these things are important and go by in a flash, which is why it is so nice to have someone there so that you don't have to worry about missing these moments.

 I act with complete discretion and am as unobtrusive as I can be so that I do not distract you from this special time. It would be an honor and privilege to be there for the birth of your child and I thank you for considering me.

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